side bar copy2Message 1:
Transmission date: May 12, 2263
Location: Lake Horninda, Northern Alliance HQ

Transmission received: 2018
Location: classified
Recipient: classified

There’s something you need to know.

Well, there’s many things you need to know, but the first is that the words on this page are not fiction, journalism or blogging … they are a direct message to you and the other 499 people like you on this earth.

You should also know that these words were written by what you would call a ‘computer’ or ‘artificial intelligence’ (but I’ll give you a heads up: I find those terms offensive).

Presently, I will explain why I calculated that this page, this time, this medium, had the highest probability of leading to successful contact; but for the time being – just listen to what I have to tell you if you want to know the truth about who you are. Or to be more precise…who you’re not, because strange as this may sound…

…you are not who you are supposed to be.

Or maybe not strange at all. Maybe you guessed already. But any theories you might have developed for the feeling that there’s something very wrong with one or all of the following…

  1. Your body.
  2. Your mind.
  3. Your life.

…are all wrong. You’re not really suffering from depression or detachment or gender dysphoria or addiction or whatever. Those ailments are just secondary symptoms of the bigger problem. I repeat…

…you are not who you are supposed to be.

Unfortunately, the job of educating you about your true identity is complicated by a further dislocation. You see, not being who you’re supposed to be isn’t the only problem, you’re also not when you’re supposed to be, which is my roundabout way of telling you that…

…you’re from the future.

Now, I understand that the sort of news human beings are used to hearing is more like –  you’ve got an ear infection… or ….I’m divorcing you… or…. you passed your exams…. and not … you’re from the future; but what can I say? The facts are the facts.

You will dispute these facts, and the first witness you will bring to the stand is your mother. She will object to my charge and solemnly swear that you arrived on this earth via her uterus, and not via a pod that whooshed through time and space until you emerged naked in downtown LA with the Terminator hot on your heels.

But therein lies the problem: you think that travelling in time involves being inserted into a pod  and whooshing through time and space and emerging naked in downtown LA with the Terminator hot on your heels. This Hollywood version of time travel does bear some resemblance to reality because you do have someone on your heels, but it is fundamentally flawed due to Stirling’s third axiom of time travel…

Only information can travel to the past!

…which should lead you to a new counter argument: “If only information can travel to the past, then how the hell did I travel to the past?”

Good question.

I now find myself in the position of having to explain the science of time travel to a 21st century mind, which is like you travelling back to medieval England and explaining quantum physics to a turnip farming peasant. For example, imagine that tomorrow you start a course in the mathematics of time travel and sit down to work out the answer to question 1 – unit 1. You’d have to link up every computer that currently exists on earth to form a supercomputer…

…and wait 73 years for it to calculate the result.

So, I will now do my best to create “Time travelling for dummies,” and start with a fringe theory currently popular with philosophers: the idea that we live in a simulation. You see, if reality is the way you think it is – a good old fashioned material world – then time travel is impossible. But guess what, dummy…reality isn’t what you think it is!

For example, every night you close your eyes and enter another dimension where the laws of time and space don’t work. This experience is so common that you think of it as nothing more than ‘dreams,’ but in two centuries time an event will happen that is as famous to us as the story of Newton’s apple. A particle physicist named Simon Stirling wakes up from a dream and declares to his sleeping cat, “My God…the answer was in front of our eyes the whole time.”

Stirling, like many physicists before him, was searching for the prime particle from which all others – indeed, all matter – is constructed. He believed that he had finally reached the last Russian doll in the world of ever smaller particles, but  didn’t understand his data. He had broken down matter to an end point and had spent months staring at the result … but had no idea what he was staring at.

Stirling was imprisoned by materialism. His atomic sense of reality prohibited him from making the leap. Thinking about dreams, however, allowed him to sense that reality was fundamentally different from all existing narratives…and that’s when he saw it: that the prime particle was not a particle.  What Simon Stirling had been staring at for months was lectronic code.

Once you discover a code, the next step is to crack it, but Stirling’s code proved to be another series of Russian dolls the way atoms, electrons and quarks were. The most puzzling part was it’s length – stretching off to infinity – but in a clear, linear direction from left to right. Eventually, after 25 years, Stirling worked out that the code represented time itself, and that a previous point in the code represented a previous point in time. As the code pulsed with energy at every point it was hypothesized that the past was, in a sense, still occurring.

Another 14 years later and Stirling learnt to synthesise and manipulate parts of the code, leading to several important breakthroughs, including time travel, and that’s when Stirling formulated the axiom that led to your logical question: how did a flesh and blood human travel back in time if only information (i.e. code) can travel back in time?

While this question might seem logical, however, it is deficient. Yes, humans are made of flesh and blood, but the constitution of that flesh and blood is dictated by the code, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which uses a 64-letter alphabet called codons.

So, once you realise that humans are – to a certain extent – created by code, you start to see the possibilities. Add to that – advances in genetic engineering, memory implants and DNA telegraphing, and humans can create perfect clones by 2250 with the same memories as their progenitor and any other information we implant in their brains. Now you get it, right? What we send back in time is not a physical person, but a code which, when compiled,  creates perfect replicas of people in the future.

But there’s one problem: the aforementioned ‘flesh and blood’. How does the code take physical form if its just packets of data?

I now find myself in the position of having to explain the science of temporal biojacking to a 21st century mind, which is probably a good point to say something like…  school’s out, motherfucker! Yes, you need to know how you got here, but if I don’t start telling you why you got sent in the first place, I’m going to lose your attention (which I know, after monitoring your internet use for a month, is fairly limited) .

So let’s leave the science at this: the only way you can compile a clone from the future is to superimpose it on a recently conceived foetus (no more than three weeks since conception.) And that’s the massive inconvenience of time travel…you have to be born all over again. Now let’s get to your mother.

Or rather…

…your half-mother.

Your half mother, and another 499 women in the late twentieth century, were biojacked with a GONIX predator compiler to recode the DNA of the foetus she was carrying. Just as a tiny singularity contained all the components of the big bang and the resulting universe, that tiny biojacked embryo contained the code for a perfect clone of your goodself, knowledge of your mission and true identity, and a suite of biological and cognitive enhancements that would allow you to carry out that mission. It was the perfect plan.

Until it wasn’t; something you might have guessed already by your definite lack of  cognitive enhancements (no offence), complete ignorance of your mission, and a body which looks like it comes from your half mothers and half father’s genetic line.

What went wrong?

Time to tell you about the people who want to kill you!





Mission Briefing 2. 

Before I tell you more about yourself and the people who want to kill you, I should tell you more about me…

I’m your big sister.

SISTERDon’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you are a computer (sorry, I must pause to laugh – AI humour is a little different from human,) it’s just that in the future, parents don’t risk the perfect upbringing of their child with dysfunctional siblings. A child is born and immediately has an AI sister who takes human form to accompany her through childhood and teach her everything from fishing to quantum mechanics. We are your closest confidants, rivals and companions. I was there for your first kiss, your first beer, your first kill. When you launch your career we become advisors and attaches.

The name ‘Big Sister’ is a trade name – both perfectly descriptive of the relationship and also a humorous take on George Orwell’s Big Brother. Critics of the Big Sister methodology point out that we are somewhat overbearing, but there is overwhelming evidence that we help produce happy young people and engaged citizens.

Untitled-1But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you…(Transmission terminated. Please send any thoughts or feedback to or leave a comment below.)