What is a sissy?

sissy test66

However, by that definition, lots of other people who did this test are sissies… so why did you gain the esteemed title and they didn’t? What makes you a sissy? (Wish us luck! I’m sure we’ll get lots of angry e-mails about the following definition.)

A sissy is a man whose sexuality has a strong feminine component. However, this part of his nature is not evident in his day to day life (and he can usually have regular heterosexual sex just fine). There’s a firewall around his femininity.

Therefore, while in fantasy, a sissy may like to dress like a whore and suck fifty cocks (sorry, random example) the rest of the time he’s chillin’ in guy world.

If there’s no firewall containing your femininity and you’re walking around town en-femme, or you are obviously feminine…then ‘sissy’ is not the term for you. We would argue that something further along the spectrum of sexuality /gender is more appropriate.

To conclude, please remember that this test is not remotely scientific and the results maybe wrong, so just use it as food for thought. Ultimately, we got your attention by promising a label…but that is not our prime interest… we want you to think about your sexuality in the interests of self knowledge.

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