3 very different Transgender Vloggers

by Editorial Board on June 9, 2012

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Our number 1 Transgender vlogger – Elena Genevinne

WTF! After a whole video announcing her new name… Addilyn – I mean Elena – changes her name again.

Elena is everything that’s good and bad about Youtube rolled into one. Despite the fact she constantly appalls me, I confess to being a massive fan. Trans or not… she’s worth watching and I really think one day she’ll make it onto mainstream TV.

Our number 2 Transgender vlogger – Princess Joules

What’s sex like after SRS surgery? Find out in Princess Joule’s vlog. It seems our little princess will still be opting for what she refers to as ‘the back door’. I think anyone with a basic concept of anatomy (nerve endings, more specifically) could figure that one out.

Our number 3 Transgender vlogger – Gigi Gorgeous

13480429-3f48-43e3-86ac-e54a860ed1d0I’ve decided to add a Gigi Gorgeous video because people out there seem to like her. I admire her story… but just can’t be doing with so much pink.

Or bleach.


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