The psychology of forced feminization

by Transcend Everything on September 24, 2017

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forced fem psychology

Editor’s note: this article is focused more on trans readers and forced fem fantasies. If you are looking for a straightforward analysis of ‘sissy sexuality’, we recommend you jump to the following article (click on image). However, if you want a deeper perspective then read both.

No matter how liberal an age we live in, it’s always going to be embarrassing for a transgender person to tell people that he or she identifies as another gender. If dealing with that isn’t enough, a large percentage of male to female crossdreamers also have to deal with a deep shame about their fantasies of forced feminisation. In such fantasies the male is forced by either a dominant male or female to dress as a woman and perform various submissive tasks and sex acts, and is verbally humiliated while doing so.

Upon reaching climax, many crossdreamers will immediately feel that such fantasies are disgusting. But classic post orgasmic guilt isn’t the only negative feeling they have to deal with. For those transgender people who identify as female and who are still exploring what that means to them, these fantasies seem to them to challenge their authenticity as women, converting them into some kind of fetishist. Such fantasies also jarr with liberal philosophies such as feminism and LGBT rights (often the submissive is taunted in the fantasy) – causing further discomfort.

The aim of this article is, therefore, to examine such fantasies – and to uncover their cause. By discovering their appeal to the cross-gender psyche, we will be able to decide if such fantasies have a negative effect on those who indulge them.

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Forced feminization – a misleading term

The most important thing to note about forced feminisation is that it is not ‘forced.’ Forced feminisation would be to take a heterosexual male with no crossdressing desires, force him to wear women’s clothes and then make him perform sex acts on men. That would be truly ‘forced.’

There is nothing that a crossdreamer does in his forced feminisation fantasy that he would not want to do anyway. In reality it should be called ‘delegated feminisation’ because the dominatrix is giving him what he wants. Therefore, if the advent of a dominatrix allows him to act out his deepest fantasies, why is he being forced? Your answer maybe ‘yes, but that’s all they would be – fantasies – the advent of the dominatrix forces him to actually fulfill them.’ And I would answer, ‘yes… exactly.’

When human beings construct fantasy they have to pay some attention to story and detail. Therefore, a boy who has a crush on the most beautiful girl in the class will, when he fantasises, invent a vaguely realistic fantasy about her inviting him to study at her house and then she appears in the bedroom with no clothes, or whatever. He won’t construct a fantasy where he walks into a strip joint and there she is stripping and then she catches his eye and after meets him for a drink and a fuck. He will go for the first because it is more real, more probable, and thus more exciting.

When someone has a particularly fruity fantasy – one that is both difficult to attain and quite embarrassing for the person who has it – they have a problem constructing the fantasy because there are very few feasible scenarios where that will happen. There is also the strong chance they would never go through with it and would back out at the last minute. What’s the solution?

…They are forced into it.

So, whether it’s a woman who wants to be gangbanged, or a man who wants to work as a maid, or a married bisexual man who wants to suck other men, the way to make the fantasy more viable is the simple act of…

…being forced to do it.

So, while we will deal with the humiliation and control aspects in the next section, what we need to note beforehand is that there is no big psychological mystery here. A part of forced feminisation fantasies, and all forced fantasies, is really logistical: if it’s forced then its more likely to happen, which makes the fantasy more realistic, which makes it more arousing. Almost all fantasies that carry social shame and/or are difficult to execute, will inevitable throw up a forced version. It is an intrinsic property of so called ‘dirty’ fantasies.

Being forced, therefore, is like the Pavlov’s bell of their fantasy. The second they lay eyes on the latex clad dominatrix they salivate… because they know they can not back down, they can not escape… their deepest fantasy is about to be presented on a plate. ‘Forced’… no way: it is the dominatrix who is serving the submissive.

Okay, so now we’ve explained the forced part of the fantasy, we need to understand the second dimension that you may find enjoyable: the humiliation

Part 2: Why the humiliation? is now published

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IanBrianna June 4, 2016 at 7:48 am

Forced feminization is hot, but it needn’t be abusive or negative. The domina ‘captures’ the errant crossdreamer and takes him into her own femininity. For me, the female gender is unique and is the source. Males are tropes of females. The journey back into femininity is both physical and mystical.


Ben September 14, 2017 at 10:40 pm

Oh my god, I love this,comment!


David Bohn October 27, 2016 at 11:37 am

Aloha: Who really knows what is hidden in the” Mind of Men”? Society tells us how to behave but what are we keeping repressed inside? Is it our true nature trying to express its self? Have we taken time to investigate our real selves? Everyone is so busy on their IPhones or cellphones and they never try to take time away from these things and explore ourselves. Are these thing really important or are they ways of not facing the what’s real? Are we that busy with our social lives that we can’t take time to learn what may bring us happiness? Who do you see when you look into the mirror, are you happy with them?


Candy June 14, 2017 at 3:01 am

I am sat here, feeling tearful as I reflect upon my up and down relationship with forced feminization and how that plays with transgendered feelings with the guilt, nay even disgust and yet unable stop returning to it. You have contributed through this and the follow up article something that truly is a blessing, something that’ll help me be the whole me by understanding that it’s a perfectly normal and logical way of getting to where you feel you are because in reality as you say we’re delegating what we actual want and so we are served the very fantasies we craved and benefit us. ***Hugs***


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