what is crossdreaming

The psychology of forced feminisation and humiliation – part 2

by Editorial Board on September 28, 2015

The most important thing to bear in mind if you are troubled by fantasies that involve humiliation (be they forced feminisation or sado masochism) is that such fantasies are extremely common. While there seem to be some personality types that do not enjoy it, I would argue that the vast majority of people do, and […]

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What is crossdreaming?

by Felix Conrad on January 4, 2015

A crossdreamer is a person who gains sexual, emotional and psychic satisfaction from cross gender ideas or behaviour. The sexual fantasies of male to female crossdreamers can include any or all of the following… 1. Being dressed as a girl. (transvestic) 2. Behaving like a girl. (behavioural) 3. Being embodied as a female and having […]

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Dear Felix, I’ll get straight to the point. Two days ago I was caught by my wife in an extremely compromising position, watching hardcore Lustomic forced feminisation porn. Having read your article on ‘should I tell my wife about my crossdreaming’ I was hoping you might be able to tell me how the hell I […]