I’m transgender… Should I transition?

by Editorial Board on December 30, 2014

Editor’s note: if you’re looking for a more trans-positive article then read the following post ( click on the image below) and do our ‘Transition Test’. If you’re looking for a more trans-sceptic article then keep on reading this page. Step 1 of the Fusion Program: Accept that ‘transition’ is simply not realistic or desirable […]


Is this all a fetish… or am I really transgender?

by Electra L on September 24, 2014

For all the talk of how enlightened and gender fluid young people are, Electra still sees a fundamental lack of understanding about cross gender fantasy. Today she discusses a common Reddit post. The Context Every week, a teenager or twenty-something posts on Reddit about how wearing women’s clothes and imagining they have a female body […]


Should I transition? An introduction to the test.

by Electra L on September 9, 2012

Introduction  Unified transgender theory rejects all questioning of whether you should transition or not. For us, there is no debate: if you didn’t want to transition then you wouldn’t be transgender, so… of course you should transition… …In principle. Unfortunately, there are three problems. ‘Transition’ at this current point in medical science does not offer […]


Imagine the scene… Mum and Dad opposite you on the sofa, eagerly awaiting your ‘announcement’. They’ve already discussed it among themselves and have settled on three possibilities… a) you’re getting married. b) you’re going to be a father. c) you’re going to get promoted. Your actual announcement… d) none of the above. Definitely, none of […]

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3. Should I transition? – Sexual motives

by Electra L on September 8, 2012

Deep down, is it all about sexual desire? As a transgender person, you inhabit an alien body. Wanting to experience sex in the right body, and getting sexual pleasure from imagining sex in that body is, therefore, only natural. That’s why we consider crossdreaming to be a clear sign of an underlying transgender psychology. However, […]

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(If you just arrived from Google, you’ve jumped into page 4 of our transition feature. Start with our amazing SHOULD I TRANSITION? test by clicking on the image below. If not, please continue reading.) Passing…… is an unfortunate choice of words. This is because it has a double meaning… 1. Passing… as in passing or […]

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5. Should I transition? – The workplace

by Electra L on September 5, 2012

This is an excellent video on transition in the workplace – from a Director of Human resources (unfortunately the audio quality is low, but listenable.) Introduction Let’s use your imagination to envision transition at work. I want you to imagine arriving at work on that first day in a stylish shirt-dress you picked up from […]

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Maybe you like hockey, maybe you go ballroom dancing, or maybe deep sea diving is your thing. As later episodes of I’m Cait showed us – with Caitlyn stressing about her status at the local golf club – transition affects every corner of our lives… including our hobbies and sporting life. Above is an excellent […]

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