The ‘faceless man’ and the terrifying possibility that we have no sexual orientation. Hi, my name’s Felix Conrad and I love black coc*k. I apologise in advance to black men across the world for this blatant sexualisation of their organs but, let’s face it, that’s what sexual organs are for. Furthermore, by the same logic […]

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The new transphobia – masochistic emasculation theory

by Electra L on September 29, 2015

The oldest trick in the book for invalidating transwomen is to get them to see that their desire for transition is the result of a fetish. Increasingly, though, with the complete annihilation of theories like autogynephilia and the widespread acceptance of transmen and women in society, such theories are becoming less and less viable. Like all things that […]

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Is this all a fetish… or am I really transgender?

by Electra L on September 24, 2014

For all the talk of how enlightened and gender fluid young people are, Electra still sees a fundamental lack of understanding about cross gender fantasy. Today she discusses a common Reddit post. The Context Every week, a teenager or twenty-something posts on Reddit about how wearing women’s clothes and imagining they have a female body […]


2. Why it’s important we understand sissy subculture

by Felix Conrad on October 11, 2012

The Sissy Phenomena Introduction I am a fundamentalist liberal, and one of the tenets of fundamentalist liberalism is the following… “No man or woman (or person of whatever self identified gender they belong to)… shall ever be made to feel shame for any sexual act that takes place between consenting adults.” I believe the above […]


2. Thoughts on seducing a dominatrix

by Felix Conrad on October 10, 2012

There are two principal reasons why it’s a bad idea to have a line of coke before you interview a dominatrix. The first is connected with the cocaine and has nothing to do with the dominatrix. Namely, that you’ll probably end up doing all the talking yourself, despite the fact it’s you who’s supposed to […]

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