Names for transgender girls 2017 – Runners up

by Candy Madison on January 30, 2015

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How I Decided On My Name As A Transgender Teen

(By the way, just in case you’re wondering about the motto and surnames below, these are characters created by Anna Kamari to breathe a little life into the name. They don’t appear in any book or movie…but are purely invented for this survey.)

Ok, now we go deeper into our choice of cool names for transwomen and transgirls with the runners up. The bronze and silver medal go to…


Layla is the Arabic word for ‘night’. Its use as a name is first attested to in the love poems of Qays, a 7th-century poet. His work then formed the basis of a story about Layla and Majnun by a 12th-century Persian poet.

It’s the story of a young man who falls madly in love with a beautiful woman called Layla whose father forbids their marriage. This sends the young man literally mad and that’s why the book’s title ‘Majnun’ means ‘the mad one’. This is the story which inspired Eric Clapton to write Layla.

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Arianna Staggfordddccc

Arriana has competing claims about its origins but as both are beautiful it only adds to the beauty of the name. For Welsh druid types (sorry, that’s the extent of my knowledge about Welsh culture and language) Arriana means ‘silver.’ Closer to my neighborhood, however, Arianna has Italian origins via the Greek ‘Ariadne’, meaning ‘very holy.’

Oh dear…I gotta confess that my childhood fascination with Arriana Grande may have influenced my choice!

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ari ccc

To find out the winner of the ‘coolest name for transgirls 2017’ visit the next page…

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