Is Eden the Doll a demonic Barbie or a shining angel?

by Editorial Board on February 28, 2016

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Eden the doll - pretransition and after.

Eden the doll – pretransition and after.

The moment you set eyes on the human Barbie that is ‘Eden the Doll,’ your mind immediately rebels at the superficiality and vanity of calling oneself ‘the doll’. However, once you start to watch the videos, you learn that her story is different.

For example… she didn’t name herself after a Barbie doll but an evil doll in a scary movie. And as far as being plastic fantastic, she’s never had any surgeries apart from her boobs and SRS.

Truth is…once you get to know Eden (as fas as one can via video) you realise she’s grounded, transpositive and a nice person.

What do you think?

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