How to discover if your husband is a transsexual or a transvestite.

by Transcend Everything on June 1, 2015

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EDITORIAL NOTE: Here we republish an article by the notorious transphobe, spurned_spouse666. We believe it contains important information on internet privacy relevant to all users.

spurned_spouse666 - "Has axe - will grind!"

spurned_spouse666 – “Has axe – will grind!”

Well, girls (and I mean real girls) now that a former gold medal decathlon winner has come out as transgender… all my warnings about the clear and present transgender menace are coming to pass.

I mean, really… who’s next? Bruce Willis, Vin diesel, Barack Obama? I guess all the things about plastic packaging are true… or maybe it’s the water supply… whatever it is it seems that our nation’s men are slowly being turned into a legion of pansies. However, while no woman is safe from the  emergence of a transkenstein in the midsts of their family… one thing we can guard against is the surprise attack when your previous bastion of manliness suddenly announces out of the blue he’s changing his name from Ken to Portia.

You see, there’s this little thing called the internet… and if your husband is transgender or transvestite or whatever… his internet history will reveal it all. Now, of course, it’s at this point that you’ll say this is a terrible way to find out if he’s a tranny because… he “deletes his history…” Sugar, deleting the history doesn’t do nothing; if you’re smart enough… or maybe just twisted enough…you can get round history-delete easily. They don’t call me spurned_spouse666 for nothing!

Basically (and not a lot of people know this) every single website visited from your residence is logged in your router. And that’s why it’s so dangerous for those secret transgender husbands: they don’t know about router logs so they go online ferreting around their weird transvestite and transsexual websites thinking no one will ever know.

The first thing you need is the password for the router. Because so few people ever enter their router virtually no one knows it… but if you find the box the relevant information will be in the manual or on a special piece of paper. If it’s not… don’t worry… all you need to do is call your internet service provider and they’ll happily tell you the password (especially if you can speak to a sister and you tell her you want to find out if your husband or boyfriend is a secret transsexual.)

You enter your router via your computer… (it has it’s own IP address (this information is also in the manual)). Once you’re in you simply have to look at ‘logs’. Now, unfortunately, girls… what you won’t see is a great long list of websites… instead… you’ll see a long list of IP addresses which correspond to a great long list of websites. But don’t be disheartened… there are dozens of free websites and apps which will convert the list into good old fashioned URLs.

Trust me, if your husband is a gender bender… it’ll be pretty damn obvious… it won’t just be that you’ll see multiple entries for transvestite etc… you’ll see all sorts of related porn and crossdressing material.

Now, listen…  BECAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT.  UNFORTUNATELY… THERE EXISTS THE OPTION TO DELETE THE LOGS… so, now this method of history listing has been published online, your  tranny of a husband might try to cover his dirty tracks. So get on the case, girl!


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Blake August 6, 2016 at 2:09 am

You realise that not every transgender person watches porn related to that, right? You do realise that most transgender people also don’t want to be transgender, and that coming to the realization that you can’t just wake up one day and have your nightmare be over? I don’t want to die being remembered as someone I’m not, but I’d be content with dying to be remembered for who I am. You can go and tear families apart by having people’s wives find out on their own and never realise that what you’re doing is wrong, but I’m not going to read your article and not say how offensive it is. Just chill out and stop being phobic. Also why is it that you tell people that transgender people are wrong when your name is followed by 666? You do realise that people would subjugate you for a no good worshiper of satan, right?


Transcend Everything August 6, 2016 at 3:18 am

Dude… the article is tongue in cheek.


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