Understand your sexuality…understand your gender…understand yourself!

“All crossdreamers will benefit from reading Transgender: Fact or Fetish?
Jack Molay – crossdreamers.com

“Felix Conrad has made an important contribution to transgender studies and has persuaded this crossdreamer to pull back from actions he might live to regret.”

Dabrella – alifemerelyglimpsed.com

Questions asked in this collection of Ebooks

1. Why does it turn me on to think of myself as a woman?
2. Does my desire to be a woman stem from my sexuality?
3. Why is humiliation/domination/sissification arousing?
4. Why didn’t my feminine identity emerge until I was older?
5. What are the origins of erotic cross-dressing and why are excessively feminine articles so arousing?
6. How can I satisfy my wife/girlfriend sexually if I’m constantly fantasizing about being a woman?
7. Why are the men in my fantasies faceless? Do I really like men?
8. Am I suffering from an obsession, and if so…what can I do about it?

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More readers’ opinions…

“If you haven’t read Felix Conrad’s very well thought analysis of the transgender condition you should.”
Joana Santos – joannabefree.com

“I think that Felix is ultimately right.”
Sandra Lopez – feminina.eu

However, if you want a more complete analysis of crossdreaming from a sexological and psychological perspective, you should double your investment and add these great titles from The TMovement Collective.

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