Is it selfish and irresponsible for a transgender father to transition?

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher May 29, 2016

SCENARIO: A middle-aged father announces to his three children (all under 16) that he’s going to transition. Is this a selfish act that violates the parent-child contract? The first thing we need to establish when answering this question is – what tends to be the effect on children when a father transitions to female? There […]

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Are Sissies Transgender? Why Contemporary Transgender Theory is Absurd.

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher May 23, 2016

Attention: the following article is orientated to those with a deeper interest in sexology and transgender theory. If you’re just looking for a quicker article on ‘sissy sexuality’ then click on the image below.   Introduction Within a short space of time a concept can go from plausible, rational and necessary, to being utterly absurd. […]

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If you’re still arguing about autogynephilia … you don’t understand it!

by Electra L May 13, 2016

I was amazed to find a thread on the crossdreamer forum yesterday (best forum on the net to discuss crossgender sexuality!) about autogynephilia. For two years I’ve been a member of this forum and discovered they were still having the same argument as the day when I arrived. Obviously, I understand why this happens, and […]

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If I transition…do friends have a right to know about my sexual interest in feminization?

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher May 11, 2016

When I read articles by well-known liberals espousing the rights of transgender women, I often wonder what they would think if they found out that a certain percentage of those women have a life-long, sexual interest in feminization. Imagine that I, Felix Conrad, decided to transition tomorrow and started to live as Felicia Conrad. I […]

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Is being gay or transgender a sin? Absolutely not…and I can prove it!

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher May 5, 2016

Leviticus 20:13 is the perfect law for religious zealots because it strikes a double blow at both homosexuality and gender variance. It prohibits men from sleeping with men, and men from having sex with men…as if they were women. However, anyone with a knowledge of the animal kingdom knows that there are plenty of species […]

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Are crossgender sexualities more prone to porn addiction?

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher April 16, 2016

First – a quick test! For the past couple of months I’ve been considering the following hypothesis: …That crossdreamers who do not fully express their femininity in the real world end up spending more time in porn world where, even though it is purely sexual and imaginary, they are female in some way, shape or […]

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Is Eden the Doll a demonic Barbie or a shining angel?

by Transcend Everything February 28, 2016

The moment you set eyes on the human Barbie that is ‘Eden the Doll,’ your mind immediately rebels at the superficiality and vanity of calling oneself ‘the doll’. However, once you start to watch the videos, you learn that her story is different. For example… she didn’t name herself after a Barbie doll but an […]

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I really respect this transvlogger’s decision to accept her voice

by Electra L February 28, 2016

The following scenario is very common in Spain: basically, you see the most beautiful, feminine woman you’ve ever seen in your life… and then she opens her mouth and has a voice that sounds like she’s got two elephant sized balls and a major imbalance of testosterone. Yes, many Spanish women have very deep voices…but […]

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Poll: Is there a fundamental difference between trans-kids and late transitioning adults?

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher February 26, 2016

This week I’ve been listening to the podcast “How to be a girl” about a single mother raising a 6 year old trans girl. The episode that particularly interested me was about the different ways she and her husband dealt with the discovery that they had a transgender girl (they got divorced right at the […]

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New book definitively disproves autogynephilia

by Transcend Everything December 28, 2015

Dear Felix, Please help me. I’m trans and I want to transition. No, I don’t want to – I need to – because if I have to carry on living a lie I don’t want to live. My family is Muslim and I know my parents will suffer when they find out, but I am […]

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Can someone be ‘mildly transgender?’

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher September 29, 2015

While writing an essay this morning I found myself using the term ‘mildly transgender.’ Immediately, alarm bells started ringing. I could imagine a knock on the door at 3AM as the LGBT thought police came to take me away. This is because they want to carve out a complete and tangible identity in society: transgender; […]

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The new transphobia – masochistic emasculation theory

by Electra L September 29, 2015

The oldest trick in the book for invalidating transwomen is to get them to see that their desire for transition is the result of a fetish. Increasingly, though, with the complete annihilation of theories like autogynephilia and the widespread acceptance of transmen and women in society, such theories are becoming less and less viable. Like all things that […]

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