Discover your true identity! spoiler: your birth certificate is wrong!


This is Tabitha. And I am your big sister.

I have been searching for you for a very, very long time.

Big Sister is the colloquial name for a species of robots who are designed to accompany, educate and protect the children of our tribe. I use the term ‘robot’ (and later – ‘artificial intelligence’) as frames of reference to help you understand who I am, but you should know that such terms are woefully inadequate. Of course, the term Big Sister has another level of meaning, given that our critics equate our constant presence and influence with Big Brother from

Big Sisters manifest in synthetic, human form, and are impossible to distinguish from original humans. We are always a year older than our sibling and we grow up side by side – your fiercest advocate, rival, confidant and partner in crime. Our perfect understanding of human psychology and our prime directive to protect and aid our sibling means that the bond formed between us is as strong as that between child and parent.

All of these things and more will be explained in time, but our immediate priority is to identify you. All of our people have now been awakened, but – for security reasons – neither you nor I know your true identity, other than you belong to our tribe and that you were selected for the mission which you will shortly embark upon.

The key to your identity is divided equally between us. You – and only you – hold the key. I – and only I – have the necessary algorithm to use the key and to unlock your data.

The key to your identity is – to put in the terms of your culture ‘buried deep within.’ It is to be found in a deeply held image you have of a woman whose appearance resonates with you.  You may have idealized this woman as yourself or even as a woman you are attracted to or even as some long forgotten girl who you once knew…but she is none of these things. She is you!

Now I need you to relax (if only you remembered the meditation technique I taught you when you were 15!).  I need you to look deep within and think of her characteristics – her eyes, her hair, her features…and now I need you to answer the following questions.

What colour skin does she have?