Unified Transgender Theory

1. Gender Core Theory – why am I transgender?

by Electra L on August 13, 2018

The causes of the transgender condition As a civilization, we have definitively detailed and deconstructed millions of physical processes: everything from photosynthesis to fertilization, nuclear fission to solar power. However, there is one physical structure which we are nowhere near understanding: the human brain and its principal interface – the mind. Many processes which involve […]


2. Is a transsexual woman… a real woman?

by Electra L on August 28, 2014

Unified Transgender Theory Introduction…. Although we do not know the exact cause of the transgender condition, it is thought that just as there are intersex people, the transgender person is born with a neurological component – related with gender – of the opposite sex. This means that although they have the body of a male, […]


Cross gender arousal – The elephant in the room   You’ve all got it wrong. Whatever you think it is… femephilia, autogynephilia, cross gender arousal… you’re all barking up the wrong tree. You see, like some kind of fetishists – everybody is fixated on the transformation thing; on the ‘crossing’ gender; on the love of […]

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Appendix: Arguments against Unified Transgender Theory based on the content of certain types of fantasy. Unified Transgender Theory is the definitive and final laying to rest of so called ‘cross gender arousal’ – the stick with which both the community itself and transphobics have been beating transgender people with for the past fifty years. Unified […]

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6. Transgender females and transformation

by Editorial Board on August 23, 2014

A fetish for transformation… or a simple case of correction? All sexual fantasies begin with a leap of the imagination; a leap that involves transporting oneself to another place – the setting of the fantasy. Imagine a woman with a really sexy boss, for example; every time she fantasises about her boss she transports herself […]

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8. The Exotic aspects of transgender sexuality

by Electra L on August 21, 2014

Forced feminisation is forced upon us Of all the fantasies experienced by some transgender people (pre-transition) the most difficult to understand is forced feminisation. In these fantasies the crossdreamer is forced by a dominant man or woman to dress/behave like a female and perform sex acts. But of course, it’s only hard to understand if […]


9. Conclusion – transgender fantasy

by Electra L on August 18, 2014

Conclusion There are various transphobic groups that will always obsess over the minutiae of transgender fantasy… looking for differences between them and the fantasies of a ‘real woman’. And guess what… they’ll find them… because they exist. Far from indicating  anomaly and invalidation, however, such differences are to be expected. Our sexual experiences have to […]

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