(This article is more aimed at couples where crossgender fantasies are causing a problem – not those couples who enjoy them.) This is the first of 3 articles on behaviour which couples often denote as ‘transvestite’ or ‘autogynephiliac’. The following podcast provides excellent context as a young couple discuss the consequences of John’s ‘sissy’ kink. […]


Sexual signs… 1) An excessive sexual interest in female clothing – especially super feminine items like lingerie and items made of fabrics usually reserved for females: satin etc. 2) An elevated interest in pegging or other sexual activities where he is submissive. A tendency to lie on his back and open his legs like a […]


Attention: this post is in response to an e-mail request. It is about telling your girlfriend that it turns you on to dress like a woman. It assumes you understand that ‘crossdresser’ and ‘transvestite’ are misnomers for the real force at work: crossdreaming – arousal at the idea of oneself as a woman. Dear Felix, […]


Eddie Izzard appeared on Bill Maher’s show on Saturday and made a comment which caught my attention. Bill mentioned performing in ‘women’s clothes’ and Eddie said… ‘Well, I don’t see them as women’s clothes anymore…there just clothes.’ This statement contains an interesting irony for the crossdreamer: that if women’s clothes ceased to be women’s clothes […]

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