EDITORIAL NOTE: Here we republish an article by the notorious transphobe, spurned_spouse666. We believe it contains important information on internet privacy relevant to all users. Well, girls (and I mean real girls) now that a former gold medal decathlon winner has come out as transgender… all my warnings about the clear and present transgender menace […]


7. Transgender or transvestite?

by Electra L on August 21, 2014

Attire: a body for hire FETISHIST POSITION: “I understand that clothes can turn a cis woman on… like lingerie for example… but only because they signal impending sexual experience. There’s no doubt, however, that many of your so called ‘transgender’ people are simply transvestites… who get turned on – without any other sexual partners involved […]


How to tell your girlfriend or wife that you are a crossdresser i.e. a crossdreamer

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on June 17, 2014

Attention: this post is in response to an e-mail request. It is about telling your girlfriend that it turns you on to dress like a woman. It assumes you understand that ‘crossdresser’ and ‘transvestite’ are misnomers for the real force at work: crossdreaming – arousal at the idea of oneself as a woman. Dear Felix, […]