Debunking the transgender myth As a philosopher and a linguist I find it fascinating some of the statements transgender people make; for example: “I was born male but I identify as female.” When I hear such words my mind immediatly forms that most basic of human responses ‘Why?’ Because I just don’t get it. Imagine […]


Am I transgender?

by Felix Conrad on July 12, 2015

I’ve had a few comments and e-mails recently along the lines of – who the fuck are you to start writing books about gender variance and transgender philosophy when you’ve never said what your own gender is. Are you actually transgender… why aren’t you telling anyone? And there’s a simple answer to that… nobody asked. […]


Sexual signs… 1) An excessive sexual interest in female clothing – especially super feminine items like lingerie and items made of fabrics usually reserved for females: satin etc. 2) An elevated interest in pegging or other sexual activities where he is submissive. A tendency to lie on his back and open his legs like a […]


This article stresses the link between cross-gender arousal and transsexualism. For an essentialist approach we recommend Felix’s article… Why do some transgender people identify so late? What is a late onset transsexual? Originally late onset transsexualism was associated with middle aged and older transsexuals. However, it is better thought of as… any case of adult transsexualism […]


2. Is a transsexual woman… a real woman?

by Electra L on August 28, 2014

Unified Transgender Theory Introduction…. Although we do not know the exact cause of the transgender condition, it is thought that just as there are intersex people, the transgender person is born with a neurological component – related with gender – of the opposite sex. This means that although they have the body of a male, […]