STRATEGY 1. Don’t Feed The Trolls! You know when you go to the zoo and there’s a sign that says ‘don’t feed the animals’… well, all transgender blogs should come with a banner “Don’t feed the trolls.” To interact with a troll is to feed him. It encourages him, it excites him, it rewards him. […]

1. Rednecks Introduction The best thing to do with transphobic comments is to ignore them and keep on walking: why waste your time on assholes? As Sun Tsu said… The battle not fought is the battle truly won! Okay, he didn’t say that…but you know what I mean. However, sometimes – at the school dining […]


The new transphobia – masochistic emasculation theory

by Electra L on September 29, 2015

The oldest trick in the book for invalidating transwomen is to get them to see that their desire for transition is the result of a fetish. Increasingly, though, with the complete annihilation of theories like autogynephilia and the widespread acceptance of transmen and women in society, such theories are becoming less and less viable. Like all things that […]

Transphobic comments – Princess Joules video

by Electra L on September 17, 2015

This video really put transphobic trolling into perspective for me. We sometimes get annoyed here at the obsessive fetishists trying to spam us with their fetish theory, but Princess Joules has to deal with HATE. I mean… real hate. I really just can’t believe these people exist.

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Debunking the transgender myth As a philosopher and a linguist I find it fascinating some of the statements transgender people make; for example: “I was born male but I identify as female.” When I hear such words my mind immediatly forms that most basic of human responses ‘Why?’ Because I just don’t get it. Imagine […]


Am I transphobic if this freaks me out?

by Editorial Board on February 19, 2015

I would like to share a video that makes me very uncomfortable. Here we have a chat show where they are discussing if Jenner should have won the Arthur Ashe courage award. A right wing agitator deliberately refers to another transgender guest as ´sir´. She responds by threatening him… “You cut that out now or you’ll go […]

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