THE CONSERVATIVE POSITION: Right wing arguments on transgender issues all come down to the idea that gender is purely biological and unchanging. For them, gender pertains to a number of common biological characteristics present at birth (chromosomes, genitalia etc.) and just as you don’t see ducks change gender – humans can’t change gender either. In […]


1. Gender Core Theory – why am I transgender?

by Electra L on August 13, 2018

The causes of the transgender condition As a civilization, we have definitively detailed and deconstructed millions of physical processes: everything from photosynthesis to fertilization, nuclear fission to solar power. However, there is one physical structure which we are nowhere near understanding: the human brain and its principal interface – the mind. Many processes which involve […]


Is a Transgender Woman a Woman?

by Felix Conrad on August 12, 2018

You will be pleased to know that there is a simple method for answering the question asked in the title of this book. We define what a woman is, and then see if a transgender woman matches that definition. But you might not be so pleased when you find out that defining ‘woman’ immediately gets […]


Today it gives us great pleasure to introduce our new style editor, Candy Madison. Brash, bold and bitchy (her description, not mine) Candy has a reputation for telling it like it is. (If you’d like to write for this blog then write to If putting you in a male body ain’t proof enough that […]


For six months I haven’t participated in discussions of my work on Reddit because I receive so much negative criticism and hate. This negativity is because my work deals with two controversial themes. 1. Why does a transgender woman have the right to call herself a woman? 2. What is the origin of the sexual […]


SCENARIO: A middle-aged father announces to his three children (all under 16) that he’s going to transition. Is this a selfish act that breaches the parent-child contract? The first thing we need to establish when answering this question is – what tends to be the effect on children when a father transitions to female? There […]


Leviticus 20:13 is the perfect law for religious zealots because it strikes a double blow at both homosexuality and gender variance. It prohibits men from sleeping with men, and men from having sex with men…as if they were women. However, anyone with a knowledge of the animal kingdom knows that there are plenty of species […]


For two years we’ve been writing blog posts about crossgender arousal…and there’s still no agreed term for it. So, please pitch in and tell me what term you use for…a biological boy who is dressing like a girl, imagining he is female and getting turned on. He identifies as a boy…but is questioning his gender […]


The ‘faceless man’ and the terrifying possibility that we have no sexual orientation. Hi, my name’s Felix Conrad and I love black coc*k. I apologise in advance to black men across the world for this blatant sexualisation of their organs but, let’s face it, that’s what sexual organs are for. Furthermore, by the same logic […]

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While I constantly disagree with Contrapoint’s videos, she often makes some fascinating observations. One thing that caught my interest in a recent video was that her transition was triggered by the first signs of male ageing. Basically, she saw the irrefutable signs that that her biological future was of the man type, and would involve […]

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Top 10 verbal comebacks to transphobic comments and insults! (Meeow!!!)

by Candy Madison February 5, 2017

1. Rednecks Introduction The best thing to do with transphobic comments is to ignore them and keep on walking: why waste your time on assholes? As Sun Tsu said… The battle not fought is the battle truly won! Okay, he didn’t say that…but you know what I mean. However, sometimes – at the school dining […]

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Is it ever useful to think of being transgender as a mental illness?

by Felix Conrad June 18, 2016

INTRODUCTION Today I would like to tell you about something I’ve never really shared before: that sometimes I see being transgender as a mental illness. Not only that, but I find the mental illness narrative to be a useful coping mechanism for a non transitioner. Before I go any further, I will remind you of Conrad’s five […]

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