Transgender vloggers

Dear Blaire, I enjoy watching your videos…but I often get the same feeling I get when I watch porn. It’s not only that you turn me on… (I seem to have recurring fantasies about you in a latex catsuit, spanking me)… but that the whole, exciting experience is soon followed by guilt. I am writing […]


Maya’s Vlog… Embarrassing Transgender Stories

by Electra L on September 27, 2015

Welcome to my new favorite transgender vlogger, Maya, whose most attractive feature is she’s so God damned chilled. In this video she talks about some embarrassing things that have happened to her since starting her transition. Compared to some of her peers it’s pretty tame stuff but that’s why it’s charming… no sensationalism… just a […]


As you may know, I follow trans-girl – Aurora Andrews – on Youtube, but I obviously don’t follow her closely enough as I somehow missed the fact that her brother is also transgender. In this video they talk about being transgender at school and university. What a beautiful brother and sister… I wish they were […]


Transphobic trolling – Princess Joules video

by Electra L on September 17, 2015

This video really put transphobic trolling into perspective for me. We sometimes get annoyed here at the obsessive fetishists trying to spam us with their fetish theory, but Princess Joules has to deal with HATE. I mean… real hate. I really just can’t believe these people exist.

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What is a transition sceptic? TWT moves to video blogging…

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on August 31, 2014

What is a transition sceptic? A transition sceptic is a transgender person who accepts and supports the right to transition but is sceptical that it would actually cure their own gender dysphoria. Transition scepticism is an extremely important development in transgender thought because the accepted wisdom has always been that transition will cure or reduce […]


Felix re-edits banned transgender mashup video

by Transcend Everything on April 26, 2014

Around the time Caitlyn Jenner got her award for courage, I made a short video about Elena Genevinne, reminding people that as she’d been making videos about being transgender since she was 13…maybe she should have got the award. Unfortunately, me being me, I went a bit over the top and added some very inflammatory […]


3 very different Transgender Vloggers

by Transcend Everything on June 9, 2012

Our number 1 Transgender vlogger – Elena Genevinne WTF! After a whole video announcing her new name… Addilyn – I mean Elena – changes her name again. Elena is everything that’s good and bad about Youtube rolled into one. Despite the fact she constantly appalls me, I confess to being a massive fan. Trans or […]