Transgender vloggers

An Amazing Transgender documentary from 1967

by Editorial Board on May 25, 2018

This video will blow your mind…and it’s not just because it was filmed at the height of the swinging sixties. Even today, you have to admire the courage of a transgender woman or man who decides to outwardly live as their true self…but in 1967? I guess we could call these women…true pioneers. This might […]


Kim Kardashian lookalike is transgender woman

by Editorial Board on February 22, 2018

A quick video about a beautiful woman who is constantly stopped in the street and told she looks like Kim Kardashian. Which famous girl do you look like? What I can’t work out though is if this is the same transgender woman or there just happens to be another transgirl who looks like Kim.


21 year old transgirl finds older man to pay for surgeries

by Editorial Board on February 22, 2018

SO, you’re attractive, you’re young, you’re transgender…BUT YOU’S BROKER THAN A BAG LADY! How you gonna pay those medical expenses, girl? Well, here’s one soloution…get a sugar daddy. In this video you can watch yow one young transwoman chose to ‘befriend’ an older man on the understanding he gets his wallet out. People might rush […]


Is Eden the Doll a demonic Barbie or a shining angel?

by Editorial Board on February 28, 2016

The moment you set eyes on the human Barbie that is ‘Eden the Doll,’ your mind immediately rebels at the superficiality and vanity of calling oneself ‘the doll’. However, once you start to watch the videos, you learn that her story is different. For example… she didn’t name herself after a Barbie doll but an […]


I’ve always liked transgender vlogger, Elle Bradford… but I think that her latest video is fucked up. She goes to the trouble of making a #metoo video, thus assuring a certain amount of publicity and interest…but doesn’t name the famous Youtuber who harassed her. Her argument for not doing so is that… “Maybe he was […]


Life as a transgender escort

by Electra L on January 11, 2016

So, you’ve told your parents, you’ve seen your doctor, you’ve splashed out on a new wardrobe and now you transition. But then what? In the case the of two transgender women in this video, you become an escort. There’s a fascinating quote at the beginning of the video where Mia says that she sees escorting […]


What’s sex like after SRS surgery?

by Electra L on January 11, 2016

I know a lot of crossdreamers who fantasize about having a vagina. That’s why I thought I’d post 3 videos I just watched on what it’s like for a transgender woman to have sex post SRS. Tell me if you think the fantasy will match the reality. The second video is from Caro who is […]


Maya’s Vlog… Embarrassing Transgender Stories

by Electra L on September 27, 2015

Welcome to my new favorite transgender vlogger, Maya, whose most attractive feature is she’s so God damned chilled. In this video she talks about some embarrassing things that have happened to her since starting her transition. Compared to some of her peers it’s pretty tame stuff but that’s why it’s charming… no sensationalism… just a […]


As you may know, I follow trans-girl – Aurora Andrews – on Youtube, but I obviously don’t follow her closely enough as I somehow missed the fact that her brother is also transgender. In this video they talk about being transgender at school and university. What a beautiful brother and sister… I wish they were […]


Transphobic comments – Princess Joules video

by Electra L on September 17, 2015

This video really put transphobic trolling into perspective for me. We sometimes get annoyed here at the obsessive fetishists trying to spam us with their fetish theory, but Princess Joules has to deal with HATE. I mean… real hate. I really just can’t believe these people exist.

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I really respect this transvlogger’s decision to accept her voice

by Electra L February 28, 2015

The following scenario is very common in Spain: basically, you see the most beautiful, feminine woman you’ve ever seen in your life… and then she opens her mouth and has a voice that sounds like she’s got two elephant sized balls and a major imbalance of testosterone. Yes, many Spanish women have very deep voices…but […]

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Mother has three ‘sons’ who are now all transwomen

by Editorial Board February 24, 2015

How’s your Spanish, guys? Well, don’t worry because I’ll soon be publishing a course for beginners. In the meantime have a little look at the incredible story of a mother who has three transgender daughters.

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