Transgender podcast

History has shown that when transgender people can’t decide on the name for something then transphobes and conservatives will invent the term for us. Quite simply… it is time to stop dragging our feet and using terminology for so called ‘cross gender arousal’ that is either offensive, ridiculous or simply overloaded with too many syllables. […]


Why do some transgender people identify so late?

by Electra L on February 8, 2015

In the second episode of our new podcast series, Felix takes you to a bar. I’m not joking… as someone who has spent many hours/weeks/years with Felix in our local beach bar.. this podcast is the perfect rendition of one of his monologues. He starts on a seemingly unrelated topic – his relationship with his […]


Transgender Philosophy Podcast 1 – Autogynephilia Denial

by Transcend Everything on August 17, 2013

In the first podcast of our new series, Transgender Philosophy, Felix explores a fight between two very different members of the LGBT community: James Cantor and Julia Serrano. The subject is autogynephilia denial. Felix gets angry at shoddy science from both sides. You can either listen to the podcast by pressing ‘play’ above, or you […]

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