Sissy psychology

The ‘faceless man’ and the terrifying possibility that we have no sexual orientation. Hi, my name’s Felix Conrad and I love black coc*k. I apologise in advance to black men across the world for this blatant sexualisation of their organs but, let’s face it, that’s what sexual organs are for. Furthermore, by the same logic […]

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TEST: Am I a porn addict?

by Felix Conrad on April 16, 2017

Hi, today I’m going to talk about porn addiction in general and then ask you to think about the cross gender perspective. Let’s start with a test! For the past couple of months I’ve been considering the following hypothesis: …That crossdreamers (and ‘sissies’) who do not fully express their femininity in the real world end […]


TEST: Am I really a sissy?

by Electra L on January 17, 2016

This sissy test is for fun and further thought. Please share your reactions and ideas on some of the issues raised in describing crossdreamer / transgender issues BUT PLEASE DON’T BE ANGRY (I cry easily!) My intention is to inspire people from online sissy communities to think about their sexuality and/ or gender.


Sissy Prognosis: What will all this sissy porn lead to?

by Felix Conrad on October 26, 2015

1. Will continued use of ‘sissy porn’ lead to an escalation in my porn diet? There is no doubt that both psychological theory and common sense suggest that the constant use of a stimulant – be it visual, psychotropic or behavioral – will lead to sensitization i.e. it will stop working unless you use a […]


The new transphobia – masochistic emasculation theory

by Electra L on September 29, 2015

The oldest trick in the book for invalidating transwomen is to get them to see that their desire for transition is the result of a fetish. Increasingly, though, with the complete annihilation of theories like autogynephilia and the widespread acceptance of transmen and women in society, such theories are becoming less and less viable. Like all things that […]

1. What’s with the whole French Maid thing? Much of human sexuality is symbolic. This means that humans attach sexual significance to seemingly non sexual objects – fabrics, muscles, frills, whips, power – and become turned on by them. As a servant’s uniform, the french maid outfit represents complete submission – which turns the sissy […]


Attention: the following article is orientated to those with a deeper interest in sexology and transgender theory. If you’re just looking for a quicker article on ‘sissy sexuality’ then click on the image below.   Introduction Within a short space of time a concept can go from plausible, rational and necessary, to being utterly absurd. […]


2. Why it’s important we understand sissy subculture

by Felix Conrad on October 11, 2012

The Sissy Phenomena Introduction I am a fundamentalist liberal, and one of the tenets of fundamentalist liberalism is the following… “No man or woman (or person of whatever self identified gender they belong to)… shall ever be made to feel shame for any sexual act that takes place between consenting adults.” I believe the above […]


2. Thoughts on seducing a dominatrix

by Felix Conrad on October 10, 2012

There are two principal reasons why it’s a bad idea to have a line of coke before you interview a dominatrix. The first is connected with the cocaine and has nothing to do with the dominatrix. Namely, that you’ll probably end up doing all the talking yourself, despite the fact it’s you who’s supposed to […]