Sexual Behaviour

Is autogynephilia a fetish?

by Transcend Everything January 3, 2015

Is femephilia a fetish – Is autogynephilia a fetish? ‘Fetish’ is an extremely unhelpful word. It is not a neutral, scientific word, but a term that comes loaded with baggage, and to most people is a synonym of ‘perversion.’ Therefore, even if it was technically correct to say that femephilia is a fetish I would eliminate […]

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3. Unified Transgender Theory – an introduction to cross-gender arousal

by Electra L August 26, 2014

Cross gender arousal – The elephant in the room   You’ve all got it wrong. Whatever you think it is… femephilia, autogynephilia, cross gender arousal… you’re all barking up the wrong tree. You see, like some kind of fetishists – everybody is fixated on the transformation thing; on the ‘crossing’ gender; on the love of […]

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4. Crossdreaming as a symptom of an underlying transgender psychology

by Electra L August 25, 2014

Continued… I believe in Universal Transgender Theory. This theory states that a large number of groups who have previously been thought of as somehow different – early onset transsexuals, crossdreamers, late onset transsexuals etc…- are all, fundamentally the same. They’re transgender – and the cause of their gender variance is the same in all cases: […]

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6. Transgender females and a fetish for transformation

by Transcend Everything August 23, 2014

A fetish for transformation… or a simple case of correction? All sexual fantasies begin with a leap of the imagination; a leap that involves transporting oneself to another place – the setting of the fantasy. Imagine a woman with a really sexy boss, for example; every time she fantasises about her boss she transports herself […]

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7. Transgender or transvestite?

by Electra L August 21, 2014

Attire: a body for hire FETISHIST POSITION: “I understand that clothes can turn a cis woman on… like lingerie for example… but only because they signal impending sexual experience. There’s no doubt, however, that many of your so called ‘transgender’ people are simply transvestites… who get turned on – without any other sexual partners involved […]

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8. Forced feminisation and transgender sexuality

by Electra L August 21, 2014

Forced feminisation is forced upon us Of all the fantasies experienced by some transgender people (pre-transition) the most difficult to understand is forced feminisation. In these fantasies the crossdreamer is forced by a dominant man or woman to dress/behave like a female and perform sex acts. But of course, it’s only hard to understand if […]

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9. Conclusion – transgender fantasy

by Electra L August 18, 2014

Conclusion There are various transphobic groups that will always obsess over the minutiae of transgender fantasy… looking for differences between them and the fantasies of a ‘real woman’. And guess what… they’ll find them… because they exist. Far from indicating  anomaly and invalidation, however, such differences are to be expected. Our sexual experiences have to […]

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Is there a cure for autogynephilia?

by Transcend Everything February 5, 2014

If you are looking for a cure for autogynephilia I would ask you: is there a cure for heterosexuality? Is there a cure for being gay? To the best of my knowledge all previous attempts in history to ‘cure’ sexual inclinations have failed. The one that comes to mind is electric shock therapy… used on homeosexual men […]

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Was Blanchard right when he said that “Autogynephilia competes with heterosexuality”?

by Transcend Everything November 28, 2013

When Blanchard said that Autogynephilia competed with heterosexuality he was making a very Blanchard-like statement. For him, autogynephilia was an aberration while heterosexuality was a God-given behavior that nature intended for us, so it was inevitable he would frame any relationship between the two as an ongoing fight for the heart and soul of the […]

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The cause of autogynephilia: erotic target location errors

by Transcend Everything July 31, 2013

One of the most popular hobbies amongst transgender folk is the ancient art of Blanchard bashing. In its spontaneous form it can involve nothing more than a conversation in which the autogynephilia theory proposed by sexologist, Raymond Blanchard, is vigorously criticised. In the future, though – when raving transsexuals finally take over the world – […]

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2. Why it’s important we understand sissy subculture

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher October 11, 2012

The Sissy Phenomena Introduction I am a fundamentalist liberal, and one of the tenets of fundamentalist liberalism is the following… “No man or woman (or person of whatever self identified gender they belong to)… shall ever be made to feel shame for any sexual act that takes place between consenting adults.” I believe the above […]

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2. Thoughts on seducing a dominatrix

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher October 10, 2012

There are two principal reasons why it’s a bad idea to have a line of coke before you interview a dominatrix. The first is connected with the cocaine and has nothing to do with the dominatrix. Namely, that you’ll probably end up doing all the talking yourself, despite the fact it’s you who’s supposed to […]

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