1.He’s not as straight as you think. The most common theory is that your straight boyfriend is looking at shemale porn because he’s not ‘straight as an arrow,’ but more like the bow… …moderately bent. It’s important to remember that not being straight doesn’t mean he’s gay. There are a range of possibilities, stretching from he literally […]


TEST: Am I a porn addict?

by Felix Conrad on April 16, 2017

Hi, today I’m going to talk about porn addiction in general and then ask you to think about the cross gender perspective. Let’s start with a test! For the past couple of months I’ve been considering the following hypothesis: …That crossdreamers (and ‘sissies’) who do not fully express their femininity in the real world end […]


TRIGGER ALERT: Don’t read this article if you hate the paraphilia discourse. The mission of this site is to explore all aspects of gender variance. But you don’t have to! You can pick and choose! So don’t read this if you suffer with the fetish argument. xx Fucking Youtube and its ‘suggested videos‘! I opened […]


6 different types of people who visit this site…

by Editorial Board on February 17, 2016

If you haven’t done the test, don’t spoil the results by looking at this page. Click on the image below and do the test. Of course, there are individuals who don’t neatly fit into any of these categories, but broadly speaking – here are the 5 types of readers who visit this blog. Below each […]


What causes paraphilias? A quick and dirty theory…

by Felix Conrad on November 14, 2015

Today I’d like to propose a theory about the origins and causes of paraphilias. I call it ‘quick and dirty’ because it deals with concepts which will be impossible to verify until we have a complete understanding of the human brain i.e. NEVER. Therefore, this theory is speculative – the sexological equivalent of bar room […]

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Sissy Prognosis: What will all this sissy porn lead to?

by Felix Conrad on October 26, 2015

1. Will continued use of ‘sissy porn’ lead to an escalation in my porn diet? There is no doubt that both psychological theory and common sense suggest that the constant use of a stimulant – be it visual, psychotropic or behavioral – will lead to sensitization i.e. it will stop working unless you use a […]


1. What’s with the whole French Maid thing? Much of human sexuality is symbolic. This means that humans attach sexual significance to seemingly non sexual objects – fabrics, muscles, frills, whips, power – and become turned on by them. As a servant’s uniform, the french maid outfit represents complete submission – which turns the sissy […]


1. Because the husband wishes he was in the wife’s place i.e – he’s a crossdreamer. Crossdreamers are men who get turned on by thinking of themselves as women. This may involve fantasies of complete female embodiment or something partial like wearing women’s underwear. The crossdreamer is technically heterosexual but also dreams of being a […]

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Understanding fetishes: Why is latex so sexy?

by Felix Conrad on December 11, 2014

Is it just me…or are women wearing latex all the time? Everywhere I go I see women in the street in PVC leggings and leather skirts and vinyl trousers. Not that I’m complaining! It does make me think, though (in between my admiring stares) what are the origins of our latex fetish and… why is […]


My relationship with porn is simple… …I look at the girl. I imagine doing what she’s doing, imagine what she’s feeling, imagine what she’s touching, imagine what she’s wearing, imagine how she’s cumming. But what do red blooded males imagine? I suppose that they’re doing what the guy’s doing…but why would they ever watch interracial […]

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Wxhlyup was right all along! (kind of)

by Felix Conrad January 26, 2014

The background: 2016 A couple of years ago, there was a famous forum-fight between the ‘crossdreamers’ led by Jack Molay and the ’emasculation fetishists’ led by Wxhlyup (hereby referred to as Wix.) This argument was different from the Blanchard thing because Wix wasn’t claiming that crossgender arousal was a manifestation of autogynephilia, but a masochistic […]

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