My wife caught me watching forced feminisation porn – help!

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on September 24, 2017

Dear Felix, I’ll get straight to the point. Two days ago I was caught by my wife in an extremely compromising position, watching hardcore Lustomic forced feminisation porn. Having read your article on ‘should I tell my wife about my crossdreaming’ I was hoping you might be able to tell me how the hell I […]


Is it selfish and irresponsible for a transgender father to transition?

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on May 29, 2016

SCENARIO: A middle-aged father announces to his three children (all under 16) that he’s going to transition. Is this a selfish act that violates the parent-child contract? The first thing we need to establish when answering this question is – what tends to be the effect on children when a father transitions to female? There […]


Maya’s Vlog… Embarrassing Transgender Stories

by Electra L on September 27, 2015

Welcome to my new favorite transgender vlogger, Maya, whose most attractive feature is she’s so God damned chilled. In this video she talks about some embarrassing things that have happened to her since starting her transition. Compared to some of her peers it’s pretty tame stuff but that’s why it’s charming… no sensationalism… just a […]


Crossdreaming has made me lonely and incapable of a normal relationship

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on September 15, 2015

Introduction I have just read a classic description on Reddit of egodystonic crossdreaming… which means, basically, the person hates being a crossdreamer. As is often the way with such cases, the first implement they flagellate themselves with is shame. What particularly upsets this person is their love of humiliation. However, I would point out that […]


What are the signs my husband is transgender or a transvestite?

by Transcend Everything on June 1, 2015

Sexual signs… 1) An excessive sexual interest in female clothing – especially super feminine items like lingerie and items made of fabrics usually reserved for females: satin etc. 2) An elevated interest in pegging or other sexual activities where he is submissive. A tendency to lie on his back and open his legs like a […]


How to tell your girlfriend or wife that you are a crossdresser i.e. a crossdreamer

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on June 17, 2014

Attention: this post is in response to an e-mail request. It is about telling your girlfriend that it turns you on to dress like a woman. It assumes you understand that ‘crossdresser’ and ‘transvestite’ are misnomers for the real force at work: crossdreaming – arousal at the idea of oneself as a woman. Dear Felix, […]

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Protected: Dealing with toxic people

by Transcend Everything on December 14, 2012

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


There are some transgender people (especially in the middle East and Africa) for whom transition could mean the end of their job, their family ties, indeed – their life. There are also people closer to home who, for one reason or another, can’t transition. In order to help such people accept a life which – […]


Imagine the scene… Mum and Dad opposite you on the sofa, eagerly awaiting your ‘announcement’. They’ve already discussed it among themselves and have settled on three possibilities… a) you’re getting married. b) you’re going to be a father. c) you’re going to get promoted. Your actual announcement… d) none of the above. Definitely, none of […]