Late onset transsexualism

An anonymous account of the causes of late-onset transsexualism

by Editorial Board on February 21, 2018

1. Introduction Today, I’d like to tell you a story. I didn’t meet my father til’ I was 25. I grew up my whole life without a father, therefore, and told myself I didn’t want one. When I thought of fathers I always had this fucked up idea of them from the Breakfast Club. There […]


This week I’ve been listening to the podcast “How to be a girl” about a single mother raising a 6 year old trans girl. The episode that particularly interested me was about the different ways she and her husband dealt with the discovery that they had a transgender girl (they got divorced right at the […]


Rethinking late-onset transgender narratives

by Felix Conrad on May 3, 2015

One of the most difficult things about a late onset transgender awakening is trying to understand how the hell you can spend most of your life accepting your social gender, and then suddenly it all falls apart and the very gender you used to accept now seems as alien to you as if you had […]


This question is annoyingly persistent in the crossdreaming community, and it is a morbid, obsessive question which lingers in the transgendered mentality, causing doubt and shame. It is so important we resolve this question that I am going to deal with it in detail and write down the different ways in which it is formulated. […]


After such a long and exhausting diversion, I would like to return to our chronological narrative of the late onset transsexual’s life and development. So far, we have reached the first cross gender experience – which usually involves the young boy of four or five wearing female clothes and presenting himself to his family. What […]


This article stresses the link between cross-gender arousal and transsexualism. For an essentialist approach we recommend Felix’s article… Why do some transgender people identify so late? What is a late onset transsexual? Originally late onset transsexualism was associated with middle aged and older transsexuals. However, it is better thought of as… any case of adult transsexualism […]


What are the causes of late onset transsexualism?

by Editorial Board on January 2, 2015

Let’s summmarise our explanation of late onset transsexualism thus far… Most humans have an intrinsic block to the idea of changing genders. Early onset transsexuals, however, for reasons we don’t understand, have no block against gender change. In fact, there is no gender change – they believe from a very early age that they belong […]


Is the late onset transsexual simply suffering from an obsession with being female? And if she is, how can she cut it from her life? Steve Jobs was obsessed with creating the world’s best home computer. That was good for him and good for the world. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with killing Jews. That was […]


I’m transgender… Should I transition?

by Editorial Board on December 30, 2014

Editor’s note: if you’re looking for a more trans-positive article then read the following post ( click on the image below) and do our ‘Transition Test’. If you’re looking for a more trans-sceptic article then keep on reading this page. Step 1 of the Fusion Program: Accept that ‘transition’ is simply not realistic or desirable […]


Scientists prove autogynephilia is correct. Now what?

by Editorial Board on December 23, 2014

On the 28th of June, 2019, The Daily Mail reveals that new research into the genetics of sexuality prove conclusively that the transgender condition in older transsexuals is linked to their sexuality. Here is an extract from the article. Researchers discover transgender women have fetish! Since discovering the genes responsible for human sexuality, the research […]


Protected: Late onset transsexual? Why you should never identify as a woman

by Editorial Board December 20, 2014

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How should (‘some’) transgender individuals identify?

by Editorial Board December 20, 2014

Step 2b of the Fusion Program: Identify in a healthy, realistic direction, and understand that gender change for you should be mostly psychological not physical. (Sorry, a more accurate title for this article would be… How should a transgender person with moderate gender dysphoria and a femephiliac sexuality identify? As ever, readers should remember that our advice […]

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