Gender Dysphoria

How to Jedi Mindtrick Your Gender Dysphoria…

by Felix Conrad on August 15, 2018

Chapter 1: Be transgnostic. I’m going to begin our session the way I start all my sessions: with a single slap to the face. Your face. No doubt you’ll start protesting, but that’s when I’m going to hold up the cover of this book and point to the title. Come on! Didn’t you suspect when […]


This week the infamous wxhluyp informed me that crossdreaming was the ‘politically motivated reduction of a fetish to transexualism.’ Wow… I have to say I’m impressed… I thought it was just another word for cross gender arousal. Anyway, it did get me thinking about the nature of crossdreaming, and I decided that rather than being […]


How should (‘some’) transgender individuals identify?

by Editorial Board on December 20, 2014

Step 2b of the Fusion Program: Identify in a healthy, realistic direction, and understand that gender change for you should be mostly psychological not physical. (Sorry, a more accurate title for this article would be… How should a transgender person with moderate gender dysphoria and a femephiliac sexuality identify? As ever, readers should remember that our advice […]

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A couple of readers asked me about the video mentioned in my book. Here you go…


What is a transition sceptic? A transition sceptic is a transgender person who accepts and supports the right to transition but is sceptical that it would actually cure their own gender dysphoria. Transition scepticism is an extremely important development in transgender thought because the accepted wisdom has always been that transition will cure or reduce […]


Imagine having a really big, thick, c*ck in your______ I have a theory which I don’t take too seriously (because it’s a rubbish theory) that however you fill in the blank on the above statement says a lot about you. How did you fill in the blank? … Mouth? Ass? Mouth and ass? Well, in […]


10 minutes of common sense for transgender people

by Editorial Board on February 5, 2013

Having written two books with sometimes opposing ideas and a whole range of articles under different names, I would like to share a concise opinion of my current views on all things transgender. Most of it’s…common sense. Why do I see myself as a woman in my sexual fantasies and why is my gender identity […]


Protected: How to deal with gender dysphoria

by Editorial Board on December 11, 2012

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