Point A – a human is born a male. Point B – forty years later he wants to chop his balls off and change his name to Tammy. Question: what the hell happened between point A and point B? Where should we start if we want to understand the phenomena? Answer: at the beginning. CHAPTER […]


The ‘faceless man’ and the terrifying possibility that we have no sexual orientation. Hi, my name’s Felix Conrad and I love black coc*k. I apologise in advance to black men across the world for this blatant sexualisation of their organs but, let’s face it, that’s what sexual organs are for. Furthermore, by the same logic […]

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TEST: Am I a porn addict?

by Felix Conrad on April 16, 2017

Hi, today I’m going to talk about porn addiction in general and then ask you to think about the cross gender perspective. Let’s start with a test! For the past couple of months I’ve been considering the following hypothesis: …That crossdreamers (and ‘sissies’) who do not fully express their femininity in the real world end […]


When I read articles by well-known liberals espousing the rights of transgender women, I often wonder what they would think if they found out that a certain percentage of those women have a life-long, sexual interest in feminization. Imagine that I, Felix Conrad, decided to transition tomorrow and started to live as Felicia Conrad. I […]


The 5 most important questions about crossdreaming!

by Felix Conrad on December 18, 2015

As I walked the streets of New York on Friday, I was doing what most biological men do as they walk around the city: admiring the architecture and admiring the women. However, my feelings with respect to these women were different to other men. Being crossdreamy not only leads to sexological differences…but to a whole series of […]


The 5 stages of CROSSDREAMING

by Editorial Board on December 1, 2015

I was going to write a post about the five stages of crossdreaming but I suddenly had the desire to talk in images. You can add your own words. xx

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The psychology of forced feminisation and humiliation – part 2

by Editorial Board on September 28, 2015

The most important thing to bear in mind if you are troubled by fantasies that involve humiliation (be they forced feminisation or sado masochism) is that such fantasies are extremely common. While there seem to be some personality types that do not enjoy it, I would argue that the vast majority of people do, and […]


How crossdreamers can live longer and earn extra cash!

by Felix Conrad on September 20, 2015

Having spent a sizable portion of my time recently, being intellectually skull fucked by the notorious WXLUP, I would like to extract something positive from the experience. I initially thought of creating an app – The WXLUP generator – which would, on demand, produce the type of overlong sentences he seems to favour. This is […]


I’d like to speak today about a linguistic dispute in the reddit crossdreamer thread. A dispute which can be described in the following terms… – Some members of the community want to refer to crossdreaming as a fetish. We will call them fetishists. – Some members are offended by this. We will call them crossdreamers. […]


Introduction I have just read a classic description on Reddit of egodystonic crossdreaming… which means, basically, the person hates being a crossdreamer. As is often the way with such cases, the first implement they flagellate themselves with is shame. What particularly upsets this person is their love of humiliation. However, I would point out that […]


5 reasons why I use the term ‘crossdreaming’ in transgender terminology

by Electra L September 14, 2015

History has shown that when transgender people can’t decide on the name for something then transphobes and conservatives will invent the term for us. Quite simply… it is time to stop dragging our feet and using terminology for so called ‘cross gender arousal’ that is either offensive, ridiculous or simply overloaded with too many syllables. […]

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Why Caitlyn Jenner is a bad role model for (some) crossdreamers

by Editorial Board August 3, 2015

This week the infamous wxhluyp informed me that crossdreaming was the ‘politically motivated reduction of a fetish to transexualism.’ Wow… I have to say I’m impressed… I thought it was just another word for cross gender arousal. Anyway, it did get me thinking about the nature of crossdreaming, and I decided that rather than being […]

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