The Autogynephilia Lecture

1.The autogynephilia apocalypse, Shakira, and much much more

by Felix Conrad on September 28, 2015

Introduction: Welcome to the autogynephilia memorial lecture. Today we’re going to be talking about the philosophy of psychology, autogynephilia and… Shakira’s vagina. …That got your attention! You see… I understand many of you are jaded with this subject so I’m gonna promise you two things… you will have never heard a lecture on transgender psychology […]


2. The next dimension of the dispute that has caused so much wasted time and energy on both sides is… proving or disproving the two types are different. The proponents of autogynephilia, for example, have subjected transsexuals to brain scans to check their grey matter, repeated phallometric testing – which is basically attaching sensors to […]

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c) Sexuality Finally, the supposed importance that non-homosexual transsexuals have erotic fantasies that the homosexual transsexuals don’t have, is completely unfounded… and far from being anomalous is totally logical: one group is gay… the other not. Duh! Since when were gay and hetero fantasies the same? Now, my ear is burning of course as I […]


3. Faced with our revelation that there are dozens of possible taxonomies of transsexuals, Blanchard is going to take us to one side and explain the following. “Dude, I get what you’re saying… ok, there’s an infinite number of taxonomies… but mine is different. The ones you’re citing are just man-made, observations of unimportant differences. […]


Point 4. The fact that Blanchard’s taxonomy does not relate to some type of intrinsic, naturally occurring categorisation, does not mean it has no value. Like any other taxonomy we must now look at how it helps us… what value it adds to the study and treatment of transsexual psychology. In other words, imagine we […]


5. Does Blanchard’s typology have any value in a clinical context? Does it help the physician understand his patient and their condition better, and thus provide better care? If, as is commonly believed, homosexual transsexuals are better adapted to transition, then knowledge of their being a ‘homosexual transsexual’ could help the clinician advise their patient […]

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4c. The social and cultural value of autogynephilia

by Felix Conrad on June 26, 2014

Wider social value Throughout the history of psychology there have existed various concepts that are empirically unverifiable – but which aid our understanding of a whole range of problems from addiction to mood disorders, anxiety to phobias. Examples are – the subconscious, self esteem, and self assertion. Now we must ask ourselves: does Blanchard’s taxonomy […]


Conclusion. As previously explained, it is senseless to create two types of transsexual if they have the same symptoms and treatment. So we already know Blanchard’s taxonomy is invalid. However, we also know there are undoubtable differences between these two types of transsexuals. Isn’t it helpful, even if it’s discreet, to hang on to such […]