Autogynephilia explained

I was amazed to find a thread on the crossdreamer forum yesterday (best forum on the net to discuss crossgender sexuality!) about autogynephilia. For two years I’ve been a member of this forum and discovered they were still having the same argument as the day when I arrived. Obviously, I understand why this happens, and […]


My wife caught me watching forced feminisation porn – help!

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on August 17, 2016

Dear Felix, I’ll get straight to the point. Two days ago I was caught by my wife in an extremely compromising position, watching hardcore Lustomic forced feminisation porn. Having read your article on ‘should I tell my wife about my crossdreaming’ I was hoping you might be able to tell me how the hell I […]


CHAPTER 1 Point A – a human is born a male. Point B – forty years later he wants to chop his balls off and change his name to Tammy. Question: what the hell happened between point A and point B? Where should we start if we want to understand the phenomena? Answer: at the […]


New book definitively disproves autogynephilia

by Transcend Everything on December 28, 2015

Dear Felix, Please help me. I’m trans and I want to transition. No, I don’t want to – I need to – because if I have to carry on living a lie I don’t want to live. My family is Muslim and I know my parents will suffer when they find out, but I am […]


1.The autogynephilia apocalypse, Shakira, and much much more

by Felix Conrad - Clinical Philosopher on September 28, 2015

Introduction: Welcome to the autogynephilia memorial lecture. Today we’re going to be talking about the philosophy of psychology, autogynephilia and… Shakira’s vagina. …That got your attention! You see… I understand many of you are jaded with this subject so I’m gonna promise you two things… you will have never heard a lecture on transgender psychology […]


This question is annoyingly persistent in the crossdreaming community, and it is a morbid, obsessive question which lingers in the transgendered mentality, causing doubt and shame. It is so important we resolve this question that I am going to deal with it in detail and write down the different ways in which it is formulated. […]


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What is autogynephilia?

by Transcend Everything on January 5, 2015

Warning: They say in quantum physics that there are some particles which – for reasons unkown – change their behaviour once they are being observed. I would argue that if your taste lies in that direction, knowing about the theory of autogynephilia changes you forever. It can change your relationship with your sexuality, affect your […]


Is autogynephilia a fetish?

by Transcend Everything on January 3, 2015

Is femephilia a fetish – Is autogynephilia a fetish? ‘Fetish’ is an extremely unhelpful word. It is not a neutral, scientific word, but a term that comes loaded with baggage, and to most people is a synonym of ‘perversion.’ Therefore, even if it was technically correct to say that femephilia is a fetish I would eliminate […]


Is the late onset transsexual simply suffering from an obsession with being female? And if she is, how can she cut it from her life? Steve Jobs was obsessed with creating the world’s best home computer. That was good for him and good for the world. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with killing Jews. That was […]


Managing autogynephilia in a gender identity crisis

by Transcend Everything December 16, 2014

Step 5 of the Fusion Program: Keep the glamourpuss in check.  This program is called Fusion. As the name suggests, it’s about bringing different parts of the gendered self together to form one. You are already familiar with – and engaged in the process of – incorporating your deeper female self, but today I would […]

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3. Unified Transgender Theory – an introduction to cross-gender arousal

by Electra L August 26, 2014

Cross gender arousal – The elephant in the room   You’ve all got it wrong. Whatever you think it is… femephilia, autogynephilia, cross gender arousal… you’re all barking up the wrong tree. You see, like some kind of fetishists – everybody is fixated on the transformation thing; on the ‘crossing’ gender; on the love of […]

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