Caitlyn Jenner in shock announcement “I’m detransitioning”

by Editorial Board on February 17, 2015

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caitly jenner in detransion shocker

Executives at the televison network E! have announced today that they are giving the green light for season 3 of “I’m Cait”. However, there will be a slight name change…

“I’m not Cait.”

The news that season 3 will follow Caitlyn’s detransition has shocked the transgender world. Caitlyn announced to reporters yesterday, just eight weeks after her much hyped appearence on the cover of Vanity Fair, that… “being a girl, sucks”.

Asked to explain her position she pointed out that while initially thrilled to parade around town in feminine attire… high heels had given her bunions and the pressure of constant tucking was getting on her nerves. She also commented off camera that while initially embracing transgender people, she found their voices ‘irritating’.

“I’m an Olympic gold medallist for God’s sake… what was I thinking?”

The kardashian family have rallied to support Jenner, with Kim tweeting “I always knew Dad wasn’t a tranny” while Kanye West was quoted as saying that detransition was ‘the right move.’ Asked about her future, Caitlyn revealed that she is off to Florida to undergo extensive training at NASA so she could become an astronaut. “Ever since I was a kid I always felt like I was an astronaut…” Rumours that she is changing her name to Buzz Jenner have not been confirmed.

Leading members of the transgender community were stunned by the announcement. Geena Rocero, transgender model and founder of Gender Proud, was quoted as saying that Caitlyn Jenner was… “a cunt.”

It's Hollywood.... anything can happen.

Felix Conrad, the philosopher who predicted Caitlyn’s detransition, was quoted as saying… “I told you…it’s Hollywood…. anything can happen”.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating early…

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