2. Why it’s important we understand sissy subculture

by Felix Conrad on October 11, 2012

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The Sissy Phenomena


I am a fundamentalist liberal, and one of the tenets of fundamentalist liberalism is the following…

“No man or woman (or person of whatever self identified gender they belong to)… shall ever be made to feel shame for any sexual act that takes place between consenting adults.”

I believe the above with all my heart, and as my work testifies, I fight the stigmatization of sexual inclination wherever I find it. Never will I attach embarrassment to a sexual act, because they are all free of shame. Well – all, except for one…

…Sissy porn!!!!

A pantomime of perversion

I’ve been seeing references to something called ‘sissy porn’ ever since I started visiting transgender and crosdreamer forums… but I never knew what it was. I naively assumed it was something to do with gay porn. After one of my readers contacted me for advice upon the following question, however… “Does a love of sissy porn invalidate my transgender feelings..?” I was compelled to investigate.

The hotbed of inverted sexism, homophobia and patriarchy I discovered, chilled me to depths of my soul. It was like a mockery of all liberal thinking on gender and transgender issues: a pantomime of perversion. I immediately concluded that no authentic transgender person could ever be sexually excited by such pornography.

Let me explain – for the fortunate people who’ve never seen this abomination – what sissy porn is.

A guy contracts a dominatrix to force him to wear a french maids uniform, and while wearing this uniform he is referred to in the following ways: a sissy/ a faggot / a whore / dirty little slut/ a girl. He then has to do some servant type shit like serve her tea, before getting spanked and fucked up the ass with a strap-on dildo.


Which all leads to one simple question: do you know Felix Conrad or not?

Because if you do then you will have already realized I’m joking. Jesus, come on guys… The Conrad really is a fundamentalist liberal – no exceptions; shame and sex is not a cocktail we serve in this bar.

Speaking seriously, though

So, why did I start my analysis of Sporn (sorry, discomfort at the word ‘sissy’ forces me to adopt a new term for sissy porn) in such a condemnatory fashion?

Mostly, just to fuck with you. Only kidding. No, to get you thinking about how a transphobe or radical feminist could use such pornography against the transgender community, and to start thinking about how we should view this material.

You will already know from your reaction to the last sentence where you stand on this. If your immediate reaction is… the whole conversation is irrelevant because that stuff has nothing to do with the transgender community then you might as well leave my bar now. There’s an 18 year old age limit, and people who deny some transgender people have/had such fantasies clearly have a child’s level of experience when it comes to transgender psychology.

But in actual fact, that’s not true… there are a couple of ways you could validly exclude Sporn from transgender discourse (I kinda like this term ‘Sporn‘ because that stuff is like some mutant spawn of cross-gender sexuality) but I would argue this is a tactical error. And I will tell you why by repeating something I’ve already said…

When the transgender community don’t explain or account for cross gender phenomena, some cunt ie. a right wing minister, academic or politician fills the vacuum with their own explanation… and it’s never pretty for the community.

Furthermore, you don’t take as many drugs as I do without getting paranoid… and I’m just waiting for the moment when all this wonderful goodwill to the trans community dries up. When that happens we need to cover our backs and not allow them to throw another quackaphilia* curve ball .

*Raymond Blanchard officially renamed his autogynephilia theory in July 2015. Read about it here.

The point is this: whether Sporn genuinely belongs in transgender discourse is academic. The fact that some transgender people are into it… brings it into our orbit and if we cant explain the what, why or how of it, someone else will.

And I should add… I’m definitely not convinced by the explanation that this forced stuff relieves the tortured transgender soul of guilt about his or her fantasies. Personally, if I was feeling guilty about cross gender fantasies, I’d feel a whole lot more guilty after my rectum had been the donkey in a game of ‘pin the tail’ for three strap-on wielding dominatrixes.

The fact is that Sissy porn involves cross-dressing, being addressed by feminine pronouns, and can be found in the web category ‘transgender fiction’, so no matter how much you distance yourself from it you never know when someone will try to pin it on you (and it won’t be a strap-on wielding dominatrix.)

Personally, I know this is Voldermort porn – that which must not be named because I omitted it from my recent analysis of forced feminisation. Why? Because it’s embarrassing… like some poor relative who always shows you up. Beachside we have an eye for style and we don’t want transgender people walking round in fancy dress costumes, so we swept Sporn under the carpet.

But it’s just this sort of motivation that makes you stop and ask mmm… what’s goin on here?

… sweeping under the carpet,
….phenomena that’s not really understood,

and you see the same elements which caused trans-people to shy away from cross gender arousal in the nineties, allowing sexologists to invent quackaphilia.

So, it’s precisely because I wanna run a mile away from Sporn, that I decided to hang around and look into it – not just academically – but by talking to a Barcelona based dominatrix and one of her clients. And I have to say… even I was surprised with what I found…

That’s right my friends, I am taking my investigations into the field. Get ready, because we’re about to go on a magical mystery tour that’s gonna take in everything from sissy maids to serial killers, symbology to structuralism. Even better – we’ll discover some surprising misconceptions about humiliation, and the reason why dirty talk is the most important conversation you’ll ever have.

Oh, and one more thing… maybe we’ll discover that being embarrassed about sissy porn is precisely the sort of thing that drives the cross-gender sexuality towards it.


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Jack Molay October 13, 2015 at 9:41 am

There is actually a form of sissy porn for female to male crossdreamers that reverses the roles given in the fantasies you describe here.

Female assigned crossdreamers often make use of genres like yaoi (Japanese style erotic comics with gay male characters) or slash (stories where known fictional characters may engage in gay relationships).

Some of the yaoi comics have very explicit depictions of young boys being feminized (being forced to dress up as school girls in boarding schools is a popular scenario) and then dominated by strong gay men.

I have still not been able to wrap my mind around these reversed sissy fantasies, but it seems to me that they at least have this in common with the MTF ones:

Both explore the dynamics of dominance vs. submission and both allow the reader/writer to identify with/take on the role of the other gender. And in the case of FTM yaoi the reader often (but not always!) identify with the aggressive gay male protagonist.

More here: http://www.crossdreamers.com/2012/11/the-yaoi-culture-and-female-to-male.html


CassandraToday November 20, 2016 at 2:27 am

Hm. Given that it’s been over 4 years already, I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Part 4.


Katherine March 18, 2018 at 12:19 am

Oh my GOD . . . Not sure where to begin . . . I don’t care how old this is . . . things must be said. . . GOD I have my own book to write. . . Yeah . . . Sporn is seriously invalidating, and triggering more than half the damn time, and it get’s really racially gross too. . . and . . . it’s very hard for me as a trans women who likes a very small portion of all this stuff. It’s impossible to reconcile to the point where at first I started calling my version a “feminization kink”, and then when I unpacked that I’m a woman. . . I realized I was seeking validation. Not degradation. Sometimes though we all like to hear humiliating phrases barked at us, or whispered at us coyly . . . I particularly like it when my lovers are teasing me, but in a way that I can tell between the lines there’s adoration, and love, and mutual attraction. . . Sporn is my nightmare. My up to 11 version of the in your underwear nightmare at school. Lesbian Validation as a submissive woman who happens to have a penis is validating. This twisted shit. . . sometimes. . . sometimes it’s a gateway. . .You can email me if you want to talk about this with someone who’s unpacked a lot of this crap. Raised in Utah by a Mormon family didn’t help either.


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