largeThe Transcend Movement is a chill-out cafe for transgender people of all persuasions, including crossdreamers, gender nonconforming and those in-between. It overlooks the Mediterranean sea.

Although we defend the right to surgery and HRT, our community is developing an alternative to transition known as fusion. The first step in this radical therapy is to take up coastal living and to battle ignorance, procrastination, addiction and alienation.

A special offer for you to get things into perspective for 2017: 4 E-books for twelve euros.

The first book is about how to live with and diminish the intense desire to transition, and the second book is about why crossdreamers fantasise the way they do and asks if such fantasies are the result of a fetish or a feminine essence. The third asks the question “what is a woman?” and the fourth explores gender variant sexuality.

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Current project (ongoing)

This is Electra’s response to an article by Felix – ‘should I transition?’ – which was perceived as overly negative. While this test also draws attention to the difficulties of transition, it also suggests solutions.

should i transition

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Crossdreamer forum

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A most excellent space to share ideas on crossdreaming

Excellent forum about crossdreaming.

Elle Mesen’s strange world of sissification and forced feminism

sissy psychology and feminization

Unified…Transgender Theory

Definitive answers to definitive questions.

unified transgender theory

The end of autogynephilia

Everything you ever wanted to know about what’s wrong with autogynephilia. (Please note… anyone can write an article for this blog, so proponents of the theory are welcome to respond.)

autog 2 lecture

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